Postcards Double-Sided

Personalised postcards have a multitude of potential uses. From mass mailings to B2B marketing, event promotion to business outreach, postcards are more likely to be read than many other types of direct marketing material.

The Many Uses Of B2B Postcards:

Use postcards to increase leads to your website, rekindle lapsed customer relations, or invite prospects to special events; a webinar, seminar, live demonstration, or trade-show. Use them to announce new people, products, or services. Postcards are perfect for advertising:

  • Janitorial Services

  • Courier Services

  • Computer/IT support and service

  • Event Venues

  • Medical Billing

  • Security

  • Corporate Gifts

  • Medial Waste Disposal

  • Fleet Management Products

  • POS or Other Business Systems

Experts say that the quality of the postcard is more important than the size. What's important is the overall feeling of quality, and the ability to deliver something of value to your audience. Double-sided postcards offer the opportunity to increase the value of your offering, explain your business or products more clearly, and add increased perceived value at minimal cost.

Tips For Designing Great B2B Postcards

  • Write a great headline – Get their attention!

  • Keep it simple – Don't overwhelm with too much information.

  • Make it stand out – Use bright colors, bold graphics, and simple text.

  • Call to action! - Let the reader know what next step you'd like them to take.

  • Make an offer – Include a discount, advertise a special, or offer something free. Use postcards to increase leads to your website by offering a webinar, eBook, whitepaper, or other premium content.

We have many templates for you to choose from. Upload your graphics, artwork, and logo to customise your design. Or for a completely bespoke postcard, start with a blank template and let your imagination run wild. 

Design online or call us on 01425 621590 for personal customer service. 



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