At GD Print we appreciate our customers. We strive to bring you top quality business and printing products at the best prices. As an additional sign of our appreciation, we offer Rewards Points to say “Thank You” for being our customer.

Rewards Points

GD Print is pleased to bring you Rewards Points. Rewards Points accumulate over time and can be converted into vouchers to use in the online store.

How Do I Get Rewards Points?

There are several methods for gaining rewards points.

  • Register For An Account – 400 points

  • Per £10 Spent – 40 points

  • Review A Product – 60 points

  • Refer a Friend – 200 points (if they register and place an order)

What Are Rewards Points Worth?

  • Rewards Points are valued at 100 points = £1

When Can I Use My Rewards Points?

  • Points can be used at any time when making a purchase. First time customers can use sign-up bonus points toward their first purchase of £20 or more.

Will My Rewards Points Expire?

  • Your rewards points will never expire and will continue to accrue. Use them to create coupon codes for use at checkout.

Are Rewards Points Limited?

  • There is no limit for your earnings.

  • Your rewards points will never expire.

  • Rewards Points can be used toward any purchase over £20

GD Print will allow you to convert your reward points back into vouchers to spend on any product in the online store. Every point is worth £0.01. Points can be used any time at the basket. When you have items in your basket, simply click the “Use Points For Payment” button and the system will allocate the points to the basket. All points will be used for payment (excluding delivery). If you don't have enough points to cover the full value of the basket, you can complete the purchase using normal payment methods.

Points never expire and will continue to build with every purchase. Please visit your account for a complete breakdown of points earned and spent.